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Online Memorial Tribute

In Memory of Billie Abernathy
6th May 1927 –
26th August 2010

Mother's Love

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My mother  was so sweet, loving and generous. She loved being a mother and she enjoyed her children and grandchildren so much. When I was little she would sit on the floor with me and play games with me. She always had time to read to me. She loved to go places and she took us everywhere. We went swimming, to the zoo, the park, the beach. We had some great family vacations. My mother had a full time job at a department store where she had to be on her feet all day and then she came home and cooked. Our house was always clean and organized. She went to PTA meetings and met with our teachers, she was a room mother. I wish I could do half as much as she did when we were growing up.

Her love for us was unconditional. I seldom saw her angry and I tried very hard not to do anything that she would disaprove us. She set very clear boundaries for us. She taught by example and we knew the differance between right and wrong with absolute certianty. She never took her frustrations out on us, she was a very predictable mother person and we were very secure in her love.

She was an absolute joy to be around. I trusted her advise and never went wrong when I followed it. She had so many freinds and got along with people so well. No one will ever love and care about me like she did and I miss her so much. She blessed my life and every moment that I spent with her is a precious memory.


I am standing on the seashore

I am standing on the seashore,
A ship sails in the morning breeze and starts for the ocean.
She is an object of beauty and I stand watching her
Till at last she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says:
She is gone.

Gone where?

Gone from my sight that is all.

She is just as large in the masts, hull and spars, as she was when I saw her
And just as able to bear her load of living
freight to its destination.
The diminished size and total loss of sight is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says,
She is gone.
There are others who are watching her coming, and other voices take up a glad shout:
Here she comes.

That is dying.
A horizon and just the limit of our sight.

Lift us up, Oh Lord, that we may see further.


In heavenly love abiding

In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear.
And safe in such confiding, for nothing changes here.
The storm may roar without me, my heart may low be laid,
But God is round about me, and can I be dismayed?

Wherever He may guide me, no want shall turn me back.
My Shepherd is beside me, and nothing can I lack.
His wisdom ever waking, His sight is never dim.
He knows the way Hefs taking, and I will walk with Him.

Green pastures are before me, which yet I have not seen.
Bright skies will soon be over me, where darkest clouds have been.
My hope I cannot measure, my path to life is free.
My Savior has my treasure, and He will walk with me


A Garden

Our Mother kept a garden.
A garden of the heart;

She planted all the good things,
That gave our lives their start.

She turned us to the sunshine,
And encouraged us to dream:
Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem.

Her constant good example,
Always taught us right from wrong;
Markers for our pathway that will last
a lifetime long.

We are our Mothers garden,
We are her legacy.
Thank you Mama we love you.

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