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In Memory Of Hannah Dailey

5th April 2003

This obituary was created in the memory of Hannah Dailey, born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada on the 5th April 2003 and passed away on the 5th April 2003, less than 1 day old.
Full Name: Hannah Dailey
Born: 5th April 2003
Passed Away: 5th April 2003
Age:  less than 1 day old
Country: -
Birth Place: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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This obituary was created by Sarah on 23 Nov 2010
Hannah Dailey
I like you for always, I love you forever, forever my baby you'll be. The words I say every night before I kiss your picture beside our bed.
You would be 7 years old now. Time has past but we still miss you just the same. I know when you have been close and I know you love us as much as we love you. I loved having you in my belly and hated letting you go. You will always be mommy's little angel, first born, first daughter. I pray every night that every time Caleb and Rachel get a hug and kiss you get one too.
A kiss to Heaven.....

Sarah has taken the time to prepare this thoughtful memorial to the memory of Hannah Dailey, and wishes now to give a friend or family member an opportunity to contribute as well by, for example, upgrading this memorial, to enable their leaving virtual candles and flowers, permit guest posting, post videos, life timeline, a family tree and more! Upgrading allows family and friends to contribute to the memorial to create a living and dynamic tribute to Hannah, which will help ensure that Hannah's memory lives on in our hearts for years to come, until we meet again. Your contribution will be forever acknowledged on the memorial, unless you choose to remain anonymous. more information

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