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Online Memorial Tribute

In Memory of James Melroy
13th June 1972 –
26th June 2008

My Son James/Jamie

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My son James or I always called Jamie had a wonderful and full life even though he was taken from us at the early age of 36 from a heart attack.  I was unmarried when I had Jamie and I still wanted him.  When he was born the doctors knew right away that something was wrong.  They moved him to Long Beach Memorial Hospital and I was at Pacific Hospital.  I did not see my son, only in pictures that my Mom took for me.  It was 3 days before I got to go see Jamie and he was beautiful.  Lots of hair, small but a beautiful son.  He stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks and I was there every day.  Yet the social workers thought that I should give him up to another family because of his muscle disease called "arthrogryposis".  A very rare condition and they figured that he would never walk, feed himself, go to school, dress himself so I couldnt take care of him or they thought so.  I was in tears and told them where to go that he was my son and I would never give him up.

James went to Tucker elementary, then Hill Jr. High and on to Jordan High School where he mainstreamed his classes.  He did not stay in the "one" class for kids with disabilities because to him he was normal.  He later did stats for the JV basketball team with Coach Jiminez, played wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and more. 

He did not like to be treated any different than other kids, and if you starred at him, he would he would just smile at them or make a crazy remark such as "I fell into a meat grinder", and then laugh.  He was always a joker.

He went on to LBCC for a couple of years not sure of what he wanted to do.  He had always loved his sports because of him not being able to get out and run like other kids, his grandpa got him intrested in all sports and he could name ball teams at the age of 4.  He took a couple of years off from school then went back and took journalism which was his passion.  It was something that he loved to do.  His job at the Press Telegram was a dream for him, hard work, he got frustrated but deep down he loved it.  He could sit and watch all the football, baseball, and basketball he wanted and then write about it.  And when the UFC started big he made it bigger by writing blogs, articles, and interviewing all the guys was a dream come true. He would get so excited after talking to them and would often tell me how it went.  I will always remember I beleive the first time he went to a UFC event he called me after one of the fights and said "Mom guess what, I'm so close to them that I just got blood on me, wow its so cool"  and I just laughed, he loved it dearly.

I cant thank all his friends, co-workers, and all the guys in the UFC that he had dealt with for showing my son respect and giving him the honor of being their friend.

Jamie I love you so much and we all miss you baby.  Your in my heart forever, I will never forget you.

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