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In Memory Of Joseph D'Cunha

2nd August 1930 – 8th September 2010

This obituary was created in the memory of Joseph D'Cunha, born in Mangalore on the 2nd August 1930 and passed away on the 8th September 2010, 80 years of age.
Full Name: Joseph D'Cunha
Born: 2nd August 1930
Passed Away: 8th September 2010
Age: 80 years of age
Country: India
Birth Place: Mangalore
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This obituary was created by Reuben on 19 Sep 2010
Joseph D'Cunha
In Hebrew the name Joseph means “God will add, will increase.” In both the Old Testament and the New Testament of our Bible we find personalities by the name of Joseph. It is quite interesting to note that both these Josephs were dreamers – the Joseph of the Old Testament was able to interpret dreams for the benefit of his people and the Joseph of the New Testament obeyed the messages he received from God through his dreams. The Joseph of the Old Testament was a generous man, who even forgave those who persecuted him. The Joseph of the New Testament was generous in his care and concern for his wife Mary and Son Jesus whose responsibility he was entrusted with. The Joseph of the O.T. had to struggle just as the Joseph of the N. T. Our brother Joseph or Joe as we fondly called him was also a dreamer, who followed his dreams from Mangalore and came to Bombay to serve in the Indian Navy and then ventured into the Middle East to find suitable employment.

If I may highlight 3 characteristics which he shared with his Biblical namesakes the first was that he was a devoted husband to Aunty Leena and an affectionate father to Susie. Family was a priority and he worked hard to provide the security needed by them so that they may be happy. And his definition of family extended even to people far and wide. Secondly his generosity knew no bounds, materially and psychologically he was a regular giver, so much so that he was Godfather to so many among family and friends. His visits to India were never complete without some gift or the other for his loved ones. Thirdly he was a man of faith and even though he had his share of struggles he never missed participating in the Eucharistic celebration or praying the Rosary. No wonder then that his birth into New Life coincides with the Birthday of Mother Mary whom he was so fond of. For some time now his illness got the better of him and he was confined to his bed but he was alert to any prayer being recited or hymn being sung as I myself witnessed celebrating Mass for him by his bedside.

By his life he taught us to be devoted to family ties, to be generous with the gifts God gives us and to have faith even in times of struggle. I take this opportunity to mention the daunting task that Aunty Leena had as a caregiver. Since the time he fell ill she centred her whole attention on his care, keeping the faith and accepting the Cross that God had entrusted to her. To Susie who was the precious jewel of her daddy’s existence, you, Gavin, Kelly and Keegan now have an intercessor in God’s heavenly courts. Those precious moments you spent with him in his illness has surely been the joy with which he was strengthened in his pain.

Indeed he will be in our hearts forever – the dreamer, the faithful struggler, the devoted husband, the affectionate father, the warm brother-in-law, the loving uncle, the generous godfather, a man of God. Joseph.

Reuben has taken the time to prepare this thoughtful memorial to the memory of Joseph D'Cunha, and wishes now to give a friend or family member an opportunity to contribute as well by, for example, upgrading this memorial, to enable their leaving virtual candles and flowers, permit guest posting, post videos, life timeline, a family tree and more! Upgrading allows family and friends to contribute to the memorial to create a living and dynamic tribute to Joseph, which will help ensure that Joseph's memory lives on in our hearts for years to come, until we meet again. Your contribution will be forever acknowledged on the memorial, unless you choose to remain anonymous. more information

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