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In Memory Of Louis Pasteur

27th December 1822 – 28th September 1895

This memorial website was created in the memory of Louis Pasteur, born in Dole, France on the 27th December 1822 and passed away on the 28th September 1895, 72 years of age.
Full Name: Louis Pasteur
Born: 27th December 1822
Passed Away: 28th September 1895
Age: 72 years of age
Country: France
Spouse: Marie Laurent
Father: John-Joseph Pasteur
Mother: Jeanne Roqui
Birth Place: Dole, France

Created by Christian on 6 Jun 2010
In Memory Of Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur, 73, was a very intelligent man. He made a big contribution to the world today. If it were not for him there would be no rabies vaccine. There would be sick dogs, and even humans walking around at this second. He accomplished so many things in his life. He is now a big part of history in the world now. He married Marie Laurent and had five beautiful children. Sadly three of the five did not survive their whole life. The three that had past away all died from typhoid. Two of the children were lucky enough to be able to live their lives to the fullest. He also completed the result in fermentation. When he completed the rabies vaccine he only put them on dogs because he did not want to try it on a human just yet. When he finally tried it on a human the boy was 9 years old and survived the vaccine. In the 73 years he lived he was able to accomplish many things that contributed to the world. He dies on September 28, 1895 because of a series of strokes.

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