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Online Memorial Tribute

In Memory of Michael Miller
19th October 1977 –
16th February 2006

My Son-Shine

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Mom and Dad remember me with all your love. And with the pain or with your sorrow. Though I'm not with you, I always feel your love, today and tomorrow.

It was so special to be you loving son for 28 tears. Mom please cherish our memories together, even when you think life isn't fair.

Though I may not be with you and dad. I'm always around. Some times I do appear to you both. It maybe in a song or a butterfly or just a friend you have found.

Remember me with a joyful heart alone with happiness and love. These are things that keeps me alive forever in your heart.

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Sympathy eCards

From Mary
4 Jul 2014 – Mary sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
Jack and Gail I'm sending you my sympathy. I feel your pain your carrying, I lost my son, but in a different way.

From Bequeta
21 Jan 2014 – Bequeta sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
Dear Mrs. Miller and family, I read your touching story. What you experiences was inconceivable!!! That was just horrific! I can only imagine your pain. Please know that your heavenly Father knows your pain and he promises at Revelation 21:3,4 to wipe out every tear from our eyes and death will be no more. I hope this comforts you as you await the fulfillment of all of his promises. We know he will use his kingdom to do this. Let us continue to pray..."Let your kingdom come!" Matthew 6:9-11. May the God of comfort bless you. Bequeta bqsign4u@yahoo.com jw.org

From Amit gaur
28 Jun 2012 – Amit gaur sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
I have great sympathy..

From Windy
26 Jun 2012 – Windy sent this sympathy ecard and wrote:
Gail, I can't say how you feel, because I haven't lost a child. I know it has to be the most painful thing a mother will ever have to be faced with. The way you lost your son is so horrible.


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